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About The Independent Property Lawyers

We are independent property lawyers and conveyancers who have over 40 years of experience in the local conveyancing market.

Gordon Drawbridge is our senior conveyancer who may well be known to you already from his previous roles at Stoodley Phippen, Kingsford Flower and Pain, Gordon Drawbridge & Co, Dundas & Duce and Martin Tolhurst Partnership.

Our combination of 40 years experience coupled with the very latest in conveyancing software means that we are able to offer an unrivalled service that offers flexibility and affordability. On line case tracking means that you will be able to follow case progress without having to wait for your conveyancer to call you back.

Our Services

Buying or selling a property is one of the most important transactions you are likely to undertake.

Our aim is to eliminate the stress often associated with these transaction by offering swift service, prompt replies to yours calls and effective liaising with estate agents and mortgage lenders.

Effective liaising with estate agents

From our wealth of experience and the relationships that we have built over 30 years, we are experts at liaising with estate agents and many recommend us as their first choice agent.

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Prompt replies to your calls

When you ring our offices our conveyancers will often be the ones taking your calls and we pride ourselves on always being there to speak with you in person.

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Mortgage lenders

We have a wide reaching understanding of Mortgage Lenders requirements and can often save a client time and money through our wealth of experience.

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We provide a friendly, effective and personal service that is responsive to your individual needs.

We utilise the latest technology that includes a computerised conveyancing system, which assists us in providing a fast accurate and cost effective service.


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